The Founders and Organizers Are Retiring

Yes, the rumors are true. The Beezerfest founders and organizers are stepping down from running this great event after 12 years. Other responsibilities have made it impossible for them to run (or even attend) the event in 2018.

New Blood Needed

Rather than see Beezerfest end, we hope several fanciers of our Breed will step forward to take the reigns.

A minimum of 2 people are needed to organize and run Beezerfest, though 3-4 more would be ideal. 5 would be better.

We want provide a smooth transition and see the new people succeed. We will review the details, dates, cluster contacts, and pitfalls that can be expected. And we’ll be available to answer your questions. The webmaster will continue to support the website to assist the new team in the transition.

Please contact us if you are interested.

Beezerfest Challenge Trophy
Beezerfest Challenge Trophy